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I have never been so impressed with an interior cleaner as I am with the CRC SL2515. It does a great job at cleaning my floors and leaving them shiny, without any streaks or residue. The smell is also very light and refreshing too. This product has restored my faith in many other cleaners as well; which are now on their way to be replaced by this one!

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Features of CRC SL2515

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Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The CRC SL2515 is a premium quality interior care tool with a 25-foot long cord, ergonomically designed handle, and slide switch for ease of use. It has an innovative design that allows it to clean upholstery with its rotating brush head as well as dry wet wipes on the backside of the cleaning pad.
It comes equipped with three different nozzles: hard wash (for heavily soiled areas), light foam (for regular cleaning) and deep foam nozzle(with more water). And it also has two settings – low pressure swirl mode or high pressure blast mode. The sprayer can be detached from the floor nozzle in case you need less reach when cleaning tough dirt off your vehicle’s roof for example
When users buy products like this they tend to do it right away because they know how good this product is
CRC SL2515 reviews are consistently positive but there were some customers who said things like “I loved every minute using this cleaner” and “This thing cleans my car better than anyone else I’ve ever met.” If you’re looking into buying one then please take note of these comments before pulling out your wallet however!


The CRC SL2515 is a great interior care product to use, as it leaves you feeling refreshed and thorough. It has excellent scent retention and the packaging design lends itself well for on-the-go usage. The price range of this item makes this an easy choice for anyone looking at cleaning supplies that are more affordable than others.

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