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For many people, a rear-view mirror is not just an element of convenience – it’s their only means of seeing what’s going on behind them. For others, the ability to remove smudges and streaks from your rear-view mirrors with ease has become a necessity in modern life. With that said, you might be interested in trying out this new retractable wiper for your car so you can have the window treatment experience anywhere.

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Features of Retractable Rear-View Mirror Wiper

Reviews & Ratings of Retractable Rear-View Mirror Wiper

Our Rating: 4.7 Out of 5 Stars

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The Retractable Rear-View Mirror Wiper is a handy, helpful tool for your vehicle. If you’re driving in the rain or snow and are worried about visibility behind you, this wiper will help. It’s durable enough to last throughout heavy use of being towed too many times by car accidents because it also includes an LED light that can be used on dark roads and at night when needed.
There were 10 customer reviews posted at time of writing but they had awarded the product 4.7 stars out of 5 on average making it very easy for me to recommend this product as well


The Retractable Rear-View Mirror Wiper is a great product with pretty good reviews across the board. It has been described as “so easy to use” and “perfect for cleaning glass.”

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